Original Works Friday: Mirror, Mirror

I stand in an empty room,

but I am not alone.

There is another I can see

looking back at me.


Her hair is the same hue,

her eyes are the same shape

Her lips are pulled up

smiling, as she sips her cup.


I gaze in wonder

at the figure across the way.

I know not who she is,

just another Ms.


I take a step towards her

and she does the same,

treading carefully across

all words are lost.


I am in her spell,

in a life-like trance.

I try to escape, dodging right,

but she blocks my flight.


I take another look around,

the room is neither large

nor is it too small

perfect size, one and all.


The floors are wooden,

the ceilings are plaster,

but it is a cold, cold room

as silent as a tomb.


I look back to the woman,

this unknown friend,

she gazes into my eyes

seeking out all my lies.


I open my mouth to speak

at the same time as she,

but no words come out

tis a silent bout.


Instead of fleeing the room

I walk towards the stranger,

she moves towards me

like she’s sensing danger.


I take a deep breath,

try to stay composed.

I stare at this woman

whose breathing hasn’t rose.


Two steps more together

brings us close to another.

I feel unsure about her,

something alien, something other.


I lift my hand and wave

at the same time as she.

I quickly stop

and so does she.


As I watch her every move

her face begins to change;

a sly grin passes her lips

as her features rearrange.


A minute or more passes,

I’m not really sure,

but her facade halts

it can move no more.


She is different yet

she is the same;

she has become more wild

but still quite tame.


Her hair is scattered

as if in a breeze,

her eyes glow slightly

as if in secret tease.


Her nails have grown,

her teeth are sharper.

Her smile is unnerving,

her dress is now pauper.


I blink once, twice

to clear the mirage,

but still she remains

like stained-glass or decoupage.


I hesitantly step forward,

she lunges towards me,

I try to jump away

but cannot seem to flee.


I am entranced by her,

this being of dark and light.

I wonder why she is here

Do we have to fight?


I look down to the floor,

hoping for inspiration,

but nothing comes

save for desperation.


An evil grin crosses

the face before me.

I can’t seem to swallow

a lump the size of a pea.


I feel the blood drain

from my extremities and face.

The world begins to fade

her outline I can trace.


I blink without warning

and the room refocuses.

The stranger is closer now,

breathing hot onto my brow.


Our dresses rustle

in discordant harmony.

Our eyes lock once more

I feel a jolt to my core.


I suddenly know.

I have become aware.

This woman I have seen,

being always rather mean.


I pushed myself forward

and careen into her body,

it is hard and unyielding

although she is not shielding.


I throw the first punch,

she responds in kind.

I feel a blinding pain

worse than the cane.


I look down at my hand

and my mouth pops open,

my blood runs out in a stream

Why isn’t this a dream?


I meet the woman’s eyes,

a stranger she is no more:

an adversary, an enemy

she will never let me be.


I launch myself again

with no more success,

but I repeat my ministrations

not stopping for libations.


She is as relentless as I

never stopping, never tiring,

both of us unwilling to stop

but finally I gain the top.


I hurl her away from me

as I hear a shattering sound,

my blood pounds in my ears

my face wet with tears.


I collapse onto the floor,

my enemy is no more.

I sit among the blood and dirt,

it seeps in, ruining my skirt.


I take in the shattered glass,

my eyes over her body pass,

She has been defeated today

in the worst possible way.


I shut my eyes

against the sight,

wishing I knew

how to tell my plight.


But I suppose this

will have to do,

may the world remember

this story true:


I faced down my worst,

the most feared enemy

and then I found the truth.

All along, it had been me.



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