Original Works Friday: Foundation of Life

cliffs of moherA good rock is good for a good many things.

For sitting, for climbing, for holding,

for securing, for smashing, for weighing.

For leaning, for standing, for yoga

or tai chi, for napping or sunbathing.

For warmth, for shade, for support,

for grip, for balance, for shelter.


But even the best of rocks can fail,

they can fade or crumble, crack or break.

They can become hidden or overgrown,

they can become slippery or slimy.

They can be lost, sunk, or abandoned.


And some rocks hold you down

chain you to them in agony.

Others lay claim to your heart

and you cling to them willingly.

Some rocks are bold or daring,

some are sharp-edged

while others are dull.


Some are flat, good for skipping.

Some are pointed, good for hunting.

Rocks can be round, oblong, square,

bulky, or more thin than a sheet of ice.


A rock is a handy tool to have,

whatever size, shape, or color

it comes into your life as.

Be grateful for the rocks,

because a rock may be

your only safe harbor

in an ocean of despair.


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