Literary Role-Model

I always, always, always find it hard to discard a new author I love when I have other things I should be doing. I read my first Sherrilyn Kenyon almost five years ago (wow, can I really have been that long?) and I went thru a phase of about six months where I read nothing but her. The same thing happened when my cousin recommended Anne Bishop’s The Dark Jewels trilogy to me. I read every single book of hers that I could get my hands on. the same thing happened with Rick Riordan, except I kept having to wait for those books to come out which absolutely killed me! I’ve also read everything (except the newest!) by Cinda Williams Chima.
I can never seem to put any of these authors down for a significant length of time. I’ve often found myself staying up late to finish schoolwork because I spent too much time reading.
Worth it!

My Journey to the Acknowledgements

Yesterday I made a hard choice: do the homework I have for class, or read a second Rainbow Rowell book for the day. I do not condone what I did, I should have at least written a few ideas for the essay I have to write. But, I couldn’t help but go on Barnes & Noble, buy another book, download it onto my nook, and click to the first page. After that (if you have ever read one of Rowell’s books you know it’s impossible not to continue reading) I spent the rest of the day reading Eleanor & Park. 

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend and loved every second of it. I can’t even explain how much I loved that the story didn’t have too much going on like in a few of the more recent movies I have seen.

Random, but these two events are related because…

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