Book Review: Reviver

reviverI’m not even sure where to begin, except perhaps to say that this was a fantastically written book. It had a bit of medical and metaphysical terms that made me stop and think or even reread but that was definitely worth the extra time.

I took this novel in bite-sized pieces, not reading more than 5-10 chapters a day but that was because of the creep factor. When the first 5 pages start out making me squirm, I know that I will have to pace myself with it…or else suffer horrendous nightmares.

Reviver is very different from a lot of the other books I’ve enjoyed recently. It’s part murder mystery, part sci-fi, part love story, part post-apocalyptic. It’s a great blend of genres in a way that is done well (unlike some other I’ve read). Patrick’s premiere novel is a great jumping off point and I would love to pick his brain about a few things.

Here’s the jist of the story: Jonah Miller can “revive” people, more or less he is a ghost whisperer of sorts but not in a hokey way. And he isn’t the only one. This entire world of possibility revolves around many such Revivers and their abilities and specifically their impact on the world of crime. However, there are a lot of things brewing underneath the surface, specifically the death of a famous journalist who uncovered Revival, and whether or not Jonah is going crazy.

There is an element of a potential unreliable narrator, which I loved. Jonah is convinced that he isn’t hallucinating but everyone else seems to think he is which makes the reader second guess some of the events. The intersection with not one but two bold female leads left me a little breathless, even if there wasn’t much happening in the bedroom.

Jonah’s best friend and coworker Never is a great character, one I would love to meet in real life. He is sarcastic and mother hen-like towards Jonah but takes his job very seriously. He is an interesting blend of personality and the mix with Jonah creates an excellent and worthwhile reading dynamic.

One con is that I think this book could have been made into a stand-alone novel. However, on the flip-side, I’m excited that I don’t have to give up my newest literary love: Never Geary. Speaking of which, here is great quote from him: “But promise me. If it is Satan this time, scream loud. I’d like a head start.”

Goodreads rating: 4 stars

Personal rating total: 84

  • Writing style – 8
  • Plot – 8
  • Dialogue – 9
  • Personality of Main Character(s) – 10
  • Love story – 6
  • Invokes emotion – 8
  • Synopsis accuracy – 10
  • Consistent level of interest – 8
  • Stays on topic – 9
  • Accuracy of genre/genre blending – 8

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