I am not even slightly embarrassed to admit that I had tears in my eyes as I got to the end of this story. What an amazing and powerful lesson for everyone to learn. When we learn to recognized our similarities in others who are different from us, then it when we truly know self-worth and strength instead of doubt and self-consciousness because we might not be “normal”.
Wow. Just wow.
Also, penguins rule.

My Journey to the Acknowledgements

Once upon a time (because that is how all stories should start) there was a young princess? No, that’s not right. Prince? No, again, not what I’m looking for. Oh here we are. There was a young penguin. The penguin’s name was Nen and he lived by himself on the Savannah. In the mornings he would run around pretending he could fly like the other birds he saw in the sky. Then, as the sun got higher and started to burn the ground, he would find a lone tree and stand in the shade watching all of the other animals. He saw the pride of lions just beginning to teach the cubs to hunt. He saw the hippos telling jokes under water and blowing bubbles as they laughed. He even saw the giraffes stretching their necks to see whose neck was longer. But, throughout all of this, he never saw another…

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