Is It Just Me…

…or is it weird that books now have trailers on TV for advertizing?

Don’t get me wrong, I think they are actually pretty cool. But why do we need to see trailers for books? I mean, most of them will probably be made into movies these days anyway. You can’t throw a rock at a movie theatre without hitting at least one title that is based on a book, usually two.

I love to listen to James Patterson talk just as much as the next fan but I just don’t think it’s necessary to advertize books in this manner. Although with more people watching TV and less actually reading books, it does make sense that the publishing companies would go out of their way to attract an audience to their novels.

Well, I guess that answers my question. It might be weird but it is logical. (Plus it’s been going on for years, just not on television. I found a Patterson video from six years ago.)


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