Things I Learned This Year: Year 21

Some great life lessons to learn in your early adult years, better to learn them now then be blind-sided later.

Slightly Chic

My 22nd birthday is quickly approaching and, as I was driving through a maze-like construction zone today, my mind began to wander. Soon, I was thinking about all of the things that have happened – both good and bad, big and small – over the last year and I realized that I’ve learned more during this one year of my life than perhaps any other thus far.

Avoid drinking around people who want to take advantage of you. If you’re a single, twenty-something female, this basically encompasses the entire male populous. (This statement is not meant to offend anyone who may be offended by stereotypes. Sorry about it, but stereotypes help make a point.) It’s really best to just drink in the safety of your own home, with Netflix as the only thing in your bed with you. But, let’s face it, then people will start throwing around that darn…

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