Music: Promote This Star

I used to think that country was one of the most pure forms of music left. And I don’t mean in terms of sound but lyrics. Country used to be more about love, family, and let’s face it, religion, without being overtly sexual or demeaning. Now, however, that has changed.

More and more country singers are turning to the ways of their comrades in other musical genres and creating lyrics that are actually pretty sexist and degrading to women. Now, I’m not talking about the musics videos, let’s be clear here. Basically all music videos are demeaning to women and even men more recently, in terms of let’s call them costume choices and dance moves.

No, the issue that concerns me is how many country singers are actually starting to treat women like sex objects. However, a new duo called Maddie & Tae has come up with a great answer to all those songs. It can be found in the above video and I, for one, find it very entertaining and satisfying.

Great voices, witty lyrics, and caustic comebacks from two beautiful women who, in other circumstances, might have been a “Girl In A Country Song”.


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