5 Ways To Keep Moving Forward Through Tough Times

Keep calm and…

The Super Organizer Universe


Find experienced people to talk to. People who have been through what you’re going through can help you understand what feelings are normal and expected (as well as how to effectively cope with them).  In my case, having people who have gone through similiar things on call has helped me stay on an even keel when emotions run high.

Stay objective. Friends and family often are too invested in how your decision changes things for them to be objective about what is “right.”  Talking to people who don’t have a direct interest in your results  ususally can be objective. Really helps.

Avoid hostile people. If people around you are reacting via passive-aggressive behavior  or all out rage, bullying you or actively retaliating against you, do not engage.  This can be incredibly tough when people you care about are trying to sabotage your attempt to live a good life, but you have to…

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