365 Poems: July 19th, 2014

Fictional men do it better.

Real Girl; No Name

The Boy on the Book Cover

I fell in love with a boy that I found

on the front of a book in the shop.

I looked down at the page and it only was then

every single other book was dropped.

He had piercing blue eyes and sweeping dark hair,

a long coat and a sword in his hand

and he lived in a world filled with goblins and ghosts

in a London of fairytale land.

He was smart and funny and nothing but brave.

He was strong with a heart that was light.

He was everything I wanted a boy to be,

and fiction had never been so right.

I read the book over hundreds of times

through the day until the sun came down,

and even then he would come to me in my dreams

and we’d tour ghostly London town.

And they say truth is stranger…

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