Obsession by Kat Webber

The puzzle revolves, evolves, never solves

The brain is at war with itself

To determine the facts, the truth,

To see with clarity, to know in absolutes again.


Is the world tilted or is that just how it appears?

Are these pieces even of the same puzzle?

Or is there more?

What is this daily jumble doing in my head?


How does this take root and grow?

Why do I keep feeding it?

I am my own worst enemy

And my mind is the best weapon I possess.


There is a puzzle in my head

And none of the pieces seem to fit together.

At first glance, they may appear similar,

But change once I look away.


The images move and float

With whimsy and distortion

Confusing to the eye within

And torture for the mind.


What they are never changes

But the doubt creeps

Like a poisonous plague

Upon this brilliant plane of existence.


The puzzle cannot be resolved

Without a reason or truth

What is the truth?

The real shapes, images, thoughts?

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