Chasing Life (and Happiness)

As any of you who also follow me on Twitter know, I religiously follow a few shows during the summer. One of them is a new show on ABCFamily that has touched me greatly in the last few weeks. The show is called “Chasing Life” and it is about cancer. Think of the show “The Big C” that was on Showtime and then change the main character to a young woman.

Cancer accounts for nearly 1 out of 4 deaths in the United States every year. And as someone who has been personally impacted by this statistic, the portrayal of April’s story of leukemia really hits home.

I often laugh, cringe, cry, gasp, and rage at my television during every single episode. The executive producer is actually being encouraged to show the rough, real side of cancer and how it can impact families and friends, not just the person who is diagnosed.

While the show might not be easy to watch some of the time, its message is definitely worth listening to. In fact, one of the main characters, Leo, has some great quotes that really make you realize what is important in your life. For it is usually when we are faced with death that we understand what it means to live.

Thank you, ABCFamily for making a show with love and struggle that isn’t just a bunch of drama. Having lost several people in my life to this disease, it makes me remember that I am not alone in experiencing this trauma. Approximately 1.7million people in the US are diagnosed every year which means 1.7million families are affected by this. And while research continues to bring us closer to a cure, there are millions of people who will never live to have it administered.

Chasing Life wants us to notice what is truly meaningful in our lives. I know that I am personally guilty of spending way too much time worrying about the future or planning out my every move. How many of you are the same?

Maybe it’s not about changing your entire lifestyle. Maybe just pick one small thing to change and see what an impact it can have. Check out the show and see how it affects you.


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