Walter Dean Myers

I am in the habit of stalking the Library of Congress’ Web site every few weeks or so for two reasons:

I think the organization is amazing (with an equally impressive building),

And I really, REALLY want to work for it.

On one such “stalking” session happened this morning. I went to the blog to see what was new and I stumbled onto this posting by Jennifer Gavin and it really spoke to me. In the wake of the death of a beloved author, Gavin posted the following: Walter Dean Myers.

I cannot get this story out of my head. How can a person have gone through so much and still be so heavily influenced by books? In many ways, it gives me hope for the future that maybe society can still be pulled back from the brink of destruction on which we find ourselves teetering. And further reinforces my belief that change must begin with our youth and how we raise our children will affect the next generation of leaders that they will grow into.

It’s not too late to change but we need to build good habits today that can grow into good principles for tomorrow.


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