Avoiding Obsolescence

I would love to be involved with this project in or around my own city.
When was the last time YOU were in a library?

*Unboxed Librarian


Libraries that eschew the boundary of a building

If libraries continue to be remedial organizations, focused solely on the problems and deficits of our communities the communities themselves will find libraries obsolete.
– David Lankes

I can’t sleep. This could be related to my late shift at work or possibly to the alarming comments that I heard while at work today.

When I consider libraries the lenses through which I view them is one of skepticism. My skepticism however is not meant to be negative. It is intended to keep me sharp. Eyeing the future and the role libraries will play in it, the skeptic says the library is dying.

This becomes my fuel. Thinking of the death of libraries forces me to consider how we are failing within communities. There is a general sentiment that libraries are old hat, antiquated book repositories.

I attended Computers In Libraries 2014 in…

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