Coming soon: Why you might consider self-publishing your book

Definitely read the article by James McGrath Morris that is linked into this post!

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printing pressThe term “vanity press” is quickly going out of date — it has far less to do today with ego or self-gratification than it does with practicality and an awareness of conditions in the publishing industry. Over the years, it’s been exciting and encouraging to hear about many authors who have built successful careers and followings based on work that has been self-published. Once upon a time, self-publishing was considered a last resort, but now there are many advantages to this enterprise even though your work won’t be attached to one of the big, laureled New York City firms.

I recently talked to Jim Rossi, an L.A. Times book reviewer I worked with on many occasions, about his decision to decline a legit publisher’s offer in favor of going the self-publication route. Jim’s explanation is candid and insightful, and, if you happen to be a writer struggling to find a publisher, his solution might appeal to you.

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