Boredom Breeds Creativity

It’s come to my attention recently, from living with a younger generations, that kids today are being raised more and more on technology than on their own imaginations. When I was a kid, less than two decades ago, my family didn’t have more than ten channels on the television. We had time limits on how much TV we could watch in a day. We were told to go play outside or invent a new game. If I uttered the words “I’m bored” if front of my mother, she would quickly compile a list of CHORES that I could do to help out around the house. We didn’t own a dishwasher until I was in high school so for the longest time, every night after dinner, my sisters and I were the dishwashers, dryers, and stackers.

Has the next generation lost something by being given more? Do they have so much that they are constantly “bored” and waiting for the next game to come out so they can play? Or is this simply a reflection of myself looking at children today and not remembering the times that I said I was bored but had plenty of things to do. Have we stifled the creative minds of the future by not giving them the tools and free time to explore the inventive and imaginative sides of themselves? Or is it being expressed in different mediums today?

Every time I go out, I see mothers on their phones and children playing on their iPads or Nintendo DS’s. When I was a kid, we had to sit down and shut up and wait. Is this another symptom of the laziness we have as human beings recently? Or is it simply the way that society is simply progressing?

It’s an interesting thought point.


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