Writing Evolution

It’s often said that a good writer writes what they know. While I don’t disagree, I think that a bigger part of a lot of writing these days comes from a fertile imagination. Instead of putting restrictions or living within the current confines of our world, writers create whole new planes of existence. The most common question I find myself asking while I write is “what if?”.

What if this character dies?

What if this character is afraid of spiders?

What if this setting is at night instead of during the day?

What if guns haven’t been invented?

What if magic doesn’t have a physical limit?

To be a good writer, one must set one’s own boundaries but not limitations. Don’t get so stuck in one way of thinking that you write yourself into a corner. There is always a solution, even if you have no idea what it is when you start writing a scene. Find the edge and jump over it. You can’t be afraid to write about something you know very little about. It’s called research. Want a character that can shoot a bow with uncanny accuracy but have no idea what it feels like to shoot one? Read a book, talk to someone who has the experience, watch videos on Youtube. Our world might have rules of science to abide by but your imagination does not so why restrict it simply to what you know? Maybe it’s time you learned something new.


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